Year 1 – A recap

Year 1 of the artistic research project New Performances – New Tools includes various scenic and reflexive etudes. See below for a recap and follow the links for more information about each project. 


Reflexive etudes 

Written-based works or thought-exercises, which strive to test and – as far as possible – build down what I experience as insincere distinctions between theoretical practice and practical theory.


Refleksive etyder for et teaterfelt i endring (opptakt)

(Published at, August 2014)

pic 1

Dialektikken mellom det dramatiske og det postdramatiske: 1

(Published at August 2014)

pic 2

Dialektikken mellom det dramatiske og det postdramatiske: 2

(Published at, September 2014)

pic 3

Dramaturgi og ideologi: hva var og hva er naturalisme?

(Published at, September 2014)

pic 4

Dramaturgi & ideologi: hva var og hva er naturalisme? (del II) 

(Published at October 2014)

pic 5

Texts: The Document as an Intervention

(Published at Hordaland Kunstsenter,

pic 6

Verkande handlingar: (re)definering av det (kunst)politiske

(Published in the anthology «Scenekunsten og de unge» (Vidarforlaget, December 2014)

pic 7

Bevegelser i teatertekstens kampsoner
(Published in ”Svolt”: Skrivekunstakademiet i Hordaland Jubilee book)

pic 8

Playing a Game of Sorrow: Acting within new Dramaturgical Structures
(Published at 1 June 2014)

pic 9

Om å forholde seg postdramatisk til det dramatiske
(Puplished in Norsk Shakespeare og teatertidsskrift 1/2015)

pic 10


Book Publications 

pic book 1pic book 2

pic book 4pic book 3

Fanzine Release



Micro Etudes


Scenic Seminar
At Dramatikkens hus, February 2015

sceminar pic

The Choir: Musicalization of the text and textualization of music

At Khio, January 2015


A collaboration between Transiteatret-Bergen and Aust- Agder Fylkeskommune, At kulturkirken (Arendal), September 2015

DUB 2 pic


At Dramatikkens hus, September 2015

DUB 3 pic

Collaboration between Transiteatret- Bergen/ Prosjektprogrammet/Khio, At Dramatikkens Hus (Oslo), February 2015

DUB 4-5 pic


Macro Etudes


Kill Them All – The Prague Dub Version

prague 1

prague 2         prague 3

prague 4     prague 5 pic

DUB Leviathan: A Scenic Album
At Cornerteatret Bergen, Bergen International Festival, May to June 2015

DUB Bergen 1

Reviews/ Comments:

Dub bergen 2

Norsk Shakesepeare og teatertidsskrift n. 2-3 2015 Teater og sensur: Review by Wenche Larsen

DUB bergen 3

Theater der Zeit September 2015 heft n. 9

dub bergen 4

VG – 29 May 2015  

Scenic Symposium
at Cornerteatret Bergen, during Bergen International Festival, June 2015

symposium 1

Tuesday 2nd June Centroids: Audience, text, performer:

Tore Vagn Lid  Introduction

Arpad Schilling Creative Community Games – a theory in practice

Follow-up and questions    

Toril Goksøyr and Camilla Martens Artistic Strategies 

Follow-up and questions    

Julian Blaue Performative Practice 

Follow-up and questions    


Øystein Stene  Perspectives of actors/processes

Follow-up and questions    

Gianluca Luimiento Interaction Technique

Follow-up and questions    

Barbro Rønning Introduction to discussion:

Placing creativity in the heart of research

Longer collective discussion 


Wednesday 3rd June Centroids: Room, sound

Tore Vagn lid  Introduction

Thomas Oberender  weil diese Installation kein klassisches Theaterstück ist: Über Narrative spaces (texted in English) 

Follow-up and questions    

Eirik Raude and Marius Kolbernstveit  Abstract from the pieces «KOLLISJON» and   TRANS-FANATISK» 

Martin Clark ‘I aint the noing uv it I’m jus onle the showing uv it’ – a talk about objects in an exhibition

Collective discussion and questions    


Signa Kostler Settling in Uncanny Valley

Collective discussion and questions    

Tora Augestad and Hild Borchgrevink Christoph Marthaler’s Music-Theater – To perform a standstill.

Collective Discussion

symposium 2     symposium 3

symposium 4        symposium 5

Reviews/ comments:

symposium 6

Norsk Shakespeare og teatertidsskrift (Teater og sensur, 2-3/20015) by Wenche Larsen

symposium 7 – 10/6-2015 by Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem

symposium 8 – 8/6-2015 by Ragnhild Freng Dale


Seminars and Presentations

Searching for music in whats not musikal and for what´s not musikal in music: Education changing Institutions – Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus, April 2015

Sounding words Research Seminar Akademi for scenekunst in Fredrikstad, May 2015


Portrait of Tore Vagn Lid by Anette Sture Iversen I Kampsonen in Nordisk dramapedagogisk tidsskrift

i kampsonen

Serial interview of Tor Arne Ursin by Tore Vagn Lid Samtaler om det politiske – 13 år etter at



Current/Coming up next


The Highway Hypnosis Project


Micro Etude: Phase 1 – Oslo National Academy of the Arts – September 2015:




Coming Up Next:

  • DUB Leviathan Green album Book
  • Book release in february about Quality
  • Book Release reflective etudes – From the inside of the project
  • Spring Conferance
  • Green DUB project Oslo
  • Highway Hypnosis Premiere
29. september 2015
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