With Texts – The Document as an Intervention Tore Vagn Lid argues for a differentiated understanding of the documentary. Exemplifying from his own Allmenrausch – A Radio Hearing (2011), and drawing links to both 1920s colliding views on documentation and “classical” 1880s naturalism, he problematize a dualistic, simplified view of artistic manipulation and documentary. Arguing against claims that documentarism is out-dated he writes:

These kinds of pronouncements, wherever and whenever they might appear, actually disprove themselves since exactly these statements can be documented, too, and therefore work reflexively back on the very document they were meant to date. What here might be called the dialectic of the document appears the moment when a document that for example postulates the end of documentary theatre, is documented itself and is fitted into the work of art.”

As form, the text also examines documentation in itself; using soundtracks, repetition and different textual genres to explore connections and contradictions between artistic- and academic text.

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