Reflexive Dramaturgy

– Scenic Digital Book Launch

By Tore Vagn Lid



The book «Reflexive Dramaturgy» makes up the last part of a perennial artistic research project that Tore Vagn Lid has been leading as a professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The launch of the Norwegian edition of the book in 2019 was in the form of an audio-visual staging at Litteraturhuset in Oslo.

Together with a team of artists and technicians the author was working with the texts and structure of the book pages so that they themselves could become subject to linguistic, acoustic and visual examinations. In this way the experiment approached a kind of metabolism between theory and practice that could give possible answers to the question what artistic research can be.

Inspired by this concept, and now also for an English-speaking audience, this new work will follow a three-part strategy where artistic reflection – produced in different forms of practice– will be brought back to the forms of reflection of the writing and the book, and then again become Supanet subject to new artistic reflections. The back-and -forth movements of this research approach is an important part of what Tore Vagn Lid has called a reflexive dramaturgy.

The official premiere will be streamed directly from Hordaland Kunstsenter, Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 20:30. The work is a kind of   appendix or postlude to Lid’s artistic research project over several years at the Theater Department at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. At the same time, it is the first stage of a new collaboration as a guest researcher at the Center of Science Theory at Bergen University.

The online premiere will start at 20:30 sharp and can be followed as a direct streaming here



Location: Streaming from Hordaland Kunstsenter

Duration: approx 60 minutes



Gisken Armand, Anders Elsruud Hultgreen, Tore Vagn Lid, Marie Blokkhus, Øystein Nesheim

Tor Christian F. Bleikli, Susann Kambestad, Bjørn Willberg Andersen, Morten Skage

The event is a cooperation between the Project Program for Artistic Development, the Theater Department at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Transiteatret Bergen, the Center of Science Theory at Bergen University and Hordaland Arts Center.