Phase 1 Highway Hypnosis


The first phase of the Highway Hypnosis project was held as a workshop at Oslo National Academy of the Arts between 14th September 2015 and 2nd October 2015. MA students in Acting, Scenography and Costume collaborated with Norwegian Artistic Research Program and Transiteatret-Bergen in operationalize, testing and evaluating different aspects and approaches to perception and hypnosis, and to the concept of Highway Hypnosis. The 15 days of workshop was structured as collective testing and research with opportunities for personal experimentation and reflection.

The Workshop has examined rhetorics, (music)dramaturgy, as well as sensory- and bodily experiences, within religious, political, military and pop-cultural arenas. As a result, there have been several tests, both by involved and external test-people, from perspectives of participants and observers. The involved have tested everything from the experience of watching and participating in carwash, tunnel-driving and driving at night, through hypnotic Sufi Zikr dance and rave dancing, to military training and rhetorical approaches from a Philadelphia Church assembly. As part of the research they have also attended the seminar Illusions – Present and Future at the Psychological faculty at the university of Oslo and workshops by specialist in evidence-based hypnosis Gunnar Rosén and magician Alexander Haugaas.

See the visual-auditive blog of the process here.

Stay tuned for the further progress of the Highway Hypnosis project!

3. oktober 2015
Skrevet av Ida Blixt Teige

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