Gegenseitige Verfremdungen

Read Tore Vagn Lid’s book Gegenseitige Verfremdungen – Theater als kritischer Erfahrungsraum im Stoffwechsel zwischen Bühne und Musik.


The book examines ways theatre and music can work together to create room for insight, criticism and reflection. How can the theatre space consciously expand and evolve to a polyphonic room of experience, so that it can also expand its critical potential? And what can this contemporary theatre do that for example film, ‘the absolute music’, the scientific theses or the article can’t do?


By examining – not just his own performances – but also a range of key contemporary and historic strategies for musically theatre work, Lid attempts to open up, develop and facilitate directional and dramaturgical thought- and working methods in the space between stage and music. At the same time, the book discusses why some theatre institutions (and models) succeed in facilitating these kinds of exchanges, while others don’t manage to take care of the possibilities of music in theatre or hear theatre in music.


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