Fyrsten – Machiavellivariasjoner

Operation part 1: The theatre as greenhouse

As response to a growing sense of political impotence, a group of stage performers have decided to build their own “concrete utopia” with the theatre as greenhouse and themselves as gardeners.

As an attempt to implement their vision, they have hijacked the smallest stage; at the top of the theatre building, in the middle of the noisy, cold city. But – as all garden enthusiasts know – nature (both within us and outside) is both moody and rebellious; plants need warmth and care, they do not bend for work-agreements and regulations. The role of the gardener (both permanent and on contract) is therefore everlastingly challenging.

At selected nights, 61 interested guests are invited to this scenic greenhouse. And when the sign says “greenhouse open”, the visitors can look at the plants, take in the atmosphere and listen to the theatre-gardeners tell about their experiences from an ongoing experiment; an experiment with an unexpected, surprising, turn of events: One night they worked, a mangy old pigeon with a strange letter landed at the greenhouse. A letter written on a thin, thin, thin papier and signed Niccolò Machiavelli..

«Plants can choose between two survival strategies: withstand the frost or avoid it»

pidgeonpost 1

pidgeonpost 2


18. april 2017
Skrevet av Id

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