Auf der Suche einer reflexiven Dramaturgie: Wenn die Struktur nicht kann, was die Akteure wollen

img_6571img_6570 3. til 6. november 2016 vil Tore Vagn Lid holde innlegg under Kongress der Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft i Frankfurt og Gießen. Temaet for kongressen er teater som kritikk (Theater als Kritik).

fra nettsidene til Gtw. om kongressen:

«Under the heading “Theatre as Critique”, the organisers of the 13th Congress of the Society for Theatre Studies invite researchers to examine theatre as a critical practice. With the crisis of the classical groundings of both theatre and critique in mind, the congress aims at a reconsideration of, on the one hand, the history, theory and issues of theatre and, on the other, the concept of critique. At the heart of the debate, therefore, is not just the subject matter of theatre critique but rather critique itself. Plenary speeches and shorter contributions on 8 different subject areas will be complemented by performative formats, visits to the theatre, talks and scenic contributions from students of the Hessian Theatre Academy (HTA).»