Presentation – Artistic research forum, Tromsø 21.10.2014

Returning from Tromsø and the inspiering conference «Artistic Research Forum», after presenting our project, «New Performances – New Tools: Knowledge & Skills for a post-dramatic theatre. Here’s the lecture that I held at the conference. Embeded in the text are also the first «raw» documentations/video-clips from the process of developing a SCENIC DUB-conception within the artistic framework of Transiteatret-Bergen:»DUB LEVIATHAN!» This ongoing project – built step by step after the idea of connecting what I have called MICRO, MACRO and REFLEXIVE-ETUDES, will be the first of several artistic projects to be catalyzed by the Artistic Research Program.
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24. september 2014
Skrevet av Tore Vagn Lid

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