SOUNDING WORDS – two days research seminar at Academi for scenekunst in Fredrikstad

This saturday SOUNDING WORDS – a two days research seminar on the relation between words, sounds/musicality, and movement in contemporary performance arts practice – will take place at Akademi for scenekunst in Fredrikstad!

«In this seminar we are interested more specifically to research different working methodologies and approaches to treating text in performance, questioning traditional notions of interpretation and analysis, exporing text as musicality, sound and movement.»

Among the guests is Tore Vagn Lid who will talk about Scenic Dub and Transiteatret-Bergen’s project «DUB Leviathan!».

Other guests:

Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk
Øystein Elle
Salome Voegelin
Mette Edvardsen
Sarag Ramin Osmundsen
Electa Behrens
Pieter Verstraete
Linda Wise



Kunst, Kultur og Kvalitet

Forskerseminar på Schæffergården (Jægersborg Alle 166, Air Jordan Spike

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    7. september 2015
    Skrevet av Tore Vagn Lid

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