Tore Vagn Lid (Bergen, 1973)

Project Leader

Professor in dramaturgy/ stage text. Director/author/composer. Artistic director for Transiteateret-Bergen. PhD from Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft in Giessen. From August 2014 project leader for the 3-years long artistic development program “Knowledge and skills for a post-dramatic theatre”.

Has written, directed and composed music for a range for performances, among them “Kill Them All! (Lid 2013), “Fatzer” (Brecht 2012), “Almenrausch – a Radio Hearing (Lid 2011), “Before Sunrise” (Hauptmann 2011), “the Measure” (Brecht 2008).

Selected as first Norwegian director for Salzburger Festspiele’s “Junge Regisseure” in 2008. The Hedda Price for “Mann = Mann” (2007) and “Almenrausch” (2007). The Norwegian Radio Theatre’s price Blå Fugl (2011), Bergen county Price for Artists (2012) and Price for critics (2013) for “Kill Them All”.

Published articles, books and translations, among them: “Gegenseitige Verfremdungen – Theater als kritischer Stoffwechsel zwischen Bühne und Musik”. Peter Lang Verlag (Frankfurt a.M.) (2011) Next performance: «DUB LEViATHAN» (Lid, 2014-15)

Contact: (+47) 92819654,

16. september 2014
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Ida Blixt Teige (Oslo, 1989)

Project Coordinator 

Ida Blixt Teige holds degrees in Philosophy and History of Idea and in Theatre Arts (Directing) and has directing and assistant directing experience from Norway, South Africa and the UK. She has worked as project coordinator and assistant for the artistic research program Knowledge and Skills for a Postdramatic Theatre since autumn 2014.

Contact: (+47) 93059747,

15. september 2014
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Kjetil Paulsen

Kjetil Paulsen works as an advisor in artistic research and experimental development at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and holds a master degree in social anthropology from University of Oslo. He has previously worked at The Research Council of Norway, University of Oslo and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. He’s been involved in the project since autumn 2015.

Contact: (+47) 90132431,

14. september 2014
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