New Performances – New tools: Agenda

Scenic Symposium, 2nd June to 3rd June (10:00-16:00) at Cornerteateret Bergen

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Tuesday 2nd June Centroids: Audience, text, performer

Tore Vagn Lid Introduction
Arpad Schilling Creative Community Games – a theory in practice
Collective discussion and questions   
Toril Goksøyr and Camilla Martens Artistic Strategies
Collective discussion and questions   
Julian Blaue Performative Practice
Conversation and questions   
Hooman Sharifi
Follow-up and questions 
Øystein Stene Perspectives of actors/processes
Follow-up and questions   
Gianluca Luimiento Interaction Technique
Follow-up and questions   
Barbro Rønning Introduction to discussion:

Placing creativity in the heart of research

Longer collective discussion 



Wednesday 3rd June Centroids: Room, sound

Tore Vagn lid   Introduction
Thomas Oberender     “…weil diese Installation kein klassisches Theaterstück ist: Über Narrative spaces (texted in English) 
Collective discussion and questions   
Eirik Raude and Marius Kolbernstveit Abstract from the pieces «KOLLISJON» and   TRANS-FANATISK» 
Martin Clark ‘I aint the noing uv it I’m jus onle the showing uv it’ – a talk about objects in an exhibition
Collective discussion and questions   
Signa Kostler Settling in Uncanny Valley
Collective discussion and questions   
Tora Augestad and Hild Borchgrevink Christoph Marthaler’s Music-Theater – To perform a standstill.
Tore Vagn Lid End note

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12. september 2015
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